Janice Mueller makes art in order to find her place in the world and, by extension, in the universe. Her interest in archeological finds with the incomplete stories they bring and the universe discoveries of the Hubble Space Craft, and others, leads her. 

Mueller has been a cultural wanderer all of her life and she likes it that way! As a child finding excitement in stories about early Mexico, as an adult living and traveling in Europe, and traveling later to China. There are many places yet to explore!

"My paintings and mixed media work address our collective past and future. I look at anthropological finds and relate to the imagined emotions and practices of pre-historic men and women.
But, lately, I have turned my attention to the ever-expanding universe and the hopes and fears offered.
Located in the present we are sandwiched between these two constants. Do I grasp at these phenomena to steady myself in our own time of political turmoil?"



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